Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cut from the same cloth?

Time for anotherrrrr random blog. Again with not much of a profound thought to share, but my thoughts just the same.

I have one week left of work. With the way my bank account looks lately, I honestly could use another month (or three) at my job, but I am incredibly excited to move on to something else. Especially dog training school! And, I finally got an email today from the school that was addressed to all students to be attending the same session as me. Their names: Kimberly, Melissa, Laurie, Crystal, Katherine, Kristin, Shelley, Adrienne, Judith, Kellee, Lucia, Rochelle, Amanda, Jeanette, me of course, and GEORGE! That's right. From what I gather, George will have it quite made while he attends Triple Crown Training Academy. Spencer, you can let out a huge sigh of relief right now. Your previous concern that I would find a dog-loving hunk to run away with down in the Lone Star State can now be tossed aside. I know you've been losing sleep over it, so I just wanted to share the good news. Via no other way but blogging. Fo sho.

Alright, so I'm kidding about Spencer's concerns. But I still find it humorous that this George character will be surrounded by all females for the entirety of his stay there. In all seriousness though, can I share some possible concerns with you, readers? I thought so.

Ok. I love dogs. Always have, always will. And I am very excited to be around other people who feel the same way about them that I do. But. Is it just me, or are some dog people really...interesting...? For example. There is a woman who works at the same place I currently do who is an 'accredited dog trainer'. Nice lady. Talkative. Perhaps too talkative. And by perhaps I mean most definitely. She once spent 15 minutes or so letting a fellow co-worker and myself all of her self-defense advice. Did we ask for it? No. But by golly, I am now aware that if someone grabs me I will just pull my knees as close to my body as I can, lifting my feet off the ground and letting my weight take the guy down. She also in that conversation managed to make us aware of how hard she works over the weekends as well - at the Renaissance festival. Now, I don't want to bash this person. She has not done anything to deserve that kind of treatment. But as I helped train my replacement at the front desk today, she too mentioned that she has a love affair with the Renaissance. It was even the theme of her wedding and she and her spouse give themselves a Renaissance 'budget'! So, perhaps Renaissance and dog-loving have some common threads that I have just not discovered yet.

Another reasonably likely type of person that has crossed my mind? The kind who is so crazy about dogs that they para de it all around for the world to see. Is it bad to profess your love for dogs? Of course not! But bumper stickers: 'My Maltese is smarter than your honor student'? T-shirts: 'My dog is cuter'? Sweater vests with detailed stitching portraying your West Highland White Terrier? Yeah, I've seen it. Again, very happy these people are fellow dog lovers with me. But will I ever spend my hard-earned dollars on dog paraphernalia that I can wear? Doubtful.

I guess where I am headed with all this is that while I have my reservations about 'dog crazies', it's my sincere hope that I meet some great friends down in Texas. And who knows. Maybe I will come back a Renaissance-loving, mutt slogan-wearing certified Dog Behaviorist come Christmas time. Personally I hope it's just the latter.


Sarah said...


Mutt-slogan wearing Dog Behaviorist? I hope you come back as that too...

Anonymous said...

what if you go to school, go with some friends at school to a Renaissance festival. Meet a Renaissance hunk and fall in love with him? oh no. what ever shall i do.

My name is Annie. said...

I "heart" my Pomeranian.

I "spade" my Pomeranian.

Why doesn't anyone come up with an:
I "club" my Pomeranian?

emaline said...

I've seen your cheeoog shoulder bag. And your homemade dog show dress with the dog fabric that I was so jealous of. (I really wanted a dress like that...) You already are a crazeye. ;o)